Although it’s 3 months since we birthed at BirthVillage, my husband and I just love to reminisce about our birth. It fills our hearts with joy and gratitude whenever we look back at our birth. This is our birth story, the story of that period of my life, which transformed me in many ways, the story of the most fulfilling experience of my life. Being a cesarean mom, I was left with two scars, a physical scar, which is inevitable, and an emotional scar- memories of a traumatic first delivery. So we were very sure that we wanted a normal delivery this time. We started planning for our second baby after 4 and a half years. Because of the prevailing myth in our society –‘Once a cesarean always a cesarean I wanted someone who will support us wholeheartedly. That’s when I remembered an article in Vanitha about BV and midwifery. We thought of meeting the midwife. We straightaway blocked an appointment and met her. We three spoke for about one hour and it was a huge eye-opener for us. We were educated about VBAC (Vaginal Birth after c-section), its pros and cons, etc. She said two things which always stayed in my mind throughout my pregnancy and birth, that we will not find many people supporting our decision to VBAC and so we have to be very sure before taking the plunge and also the fact that I will have to work really hard for a nice birth. We returned being doubly sure, VBAC yes!!! In the following months, we read a lot about VBAC and prepared our minds. We always knew we are taking a path less traveled and we will find it difficult to convince our families. After conception, we came back to BV and thus started the beautiful journey of our birth. We cherish every moment at BV, the appointments, workouts, Lamaze classes, every single thing. We used to look forward to meeting our midwives, Priyanka and Donna for our appointments. We talked and laughed, checked baby’s heartbeats, felt our baby by palpation. My husband had a hands-on experience this time and I thank our midwives for their policy that the husband has to be there with the wife in the whole process. In the 9 months, he has not missed a single appointment or Lamaze class which in turn helped him to be completely in sync with me and the baby. I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy period (Masha Allah). Throughout my pregnancy I was very active as advised by midwives, walking briskly for 45 minutes, taking stairs, squats, lunges, and prenatal yoga. I enjoyed doing all of it. This exercise routine helped me in a big way to build my stamina and bring the baby into optimal position. Time flew and we completed 39 weeks. I was in pre-labor for two days and on the ‘d’ day my mucous plug went off in the morning at 8 am. My husband took control of everything and knew exactly what he had to do because we were educated on all these things in the Lamaze classes. He spoke to Priyanka and she asked us to come and see if the labor is progressing. We had already packed our Bags. We left our elder boy with our parents and started for BV. By 9:30 we reached and our midwives were there welcoming us with their smiles. We checked the baby’s heartbeat. Everything was fine. For the labor to progress, I was asked to walk. Throughout my labor, my husband and midwives kept motivating and nourishing me. They were so kind, gentle, and patient with me. At around 11 am labor started progressing well and soon they set the birth pool for me. The moment I entered the warm water I felt more relaxed. I felt the urge to push and within 4-5 pushes Our baby was out and on my chest. That moment of pure bliss!! My husband had the privilege to cut our Lil girl’s umbilical cord.I had been through all this without any medication or episiotomy. Natural is the way to go. That feeling is just wow. We had just experienced ecstasy, unmatched!! In my post-partum recovery, everything went fine by God’s grace, unlike my experience with the first delivery. In fact, nothing was like the first. This birth was a very positive experience. To birth at your pace, with dignity, and being supported by people who respect you and when you are supported by people who respect you and are kind & patient with you, is definitely a blessing. I am very grateful to the Lord for BV. My bestie, my husband who stood by me through all the tough times (I absolutely know Ikka that without you we wouldn’t have done this). For all the times you motivated me, guided me, supported me, and showered me with love and also for being the doting father. Alhamdulillah! My midwives, my angels for your reassurance when I felt unsure, for changing my perspective about birth, for saying yes to us when the world said no, and for our families for their love. I hope women and our society as a whole change their attitude towards pregnancy and birth. Births should be remembered as a lovely experience and not a painful one. I don’t remember the pain at all. As our midwife always says, instead of running away from pain learn to embrace it. And all those ladies who want a VBAC and do not have any support in their decision… please go for it. You will be frowned upon and do expect hurdles but just do it. If I can, you also can.And if a woman is supported by the right care providers, every birth will be beautiful!

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