After 5 yrs of a long wait, we were blessed with our princess daughter. However, the birth experience was not at all pleasant as it ended up in a c section. I had a very happy and healthy pregnancy but it all ended up in a disaster as my gynecologist ruled out that my fluid level was low and advised an immediate caesarian. My entire preparations and anticipation to have a normal birth just got shattered and within few minutes I was in the operation theatre. I can still feel that cold strange room. I could just touch my Lil baby girl and kiss her once before she was taken away for other examinations and all. That night was the worst night f my life when she was not there anywhere near me and I was lying cold in the ICU. After all these we got pregnant again a year later. This time I was determined to do something to save myself and my baby from the trauma of another caesarian. I found about Birth Village from the internet when I searched for centers that can help me birth my baby normally. VBAC in regular hospitals is just a dream. So we met our midwives when we returned from Dubai. They were such an inspiration to me. The next issue laid there in our homes where nobody could understand anything I was saying. It was another biggest hurdle to cross. But we were determined to have our baby at birth village only. We shifted to cochin during my 34 weeks. Regular workout classes, prenatal classes, Lamaze classes…. Everything was so much motivational and inspiring. Every class made me more n more positive and confident. My hubby flew down on the 14th of April and we had few couple classes which were more informative and that was a very different experience. We did a lot of workouts, walks n followed a healthy diet. Went out for movies, had Lil joyful times walking thru the malls, and made a small trip to Kumarakom too. Then finally on 21st, when we had our regular appointment with our midwife, (must say such amazing individuals to meet in my whole life ), we found our baby s engaged n is ready to enter our world. By noon I had a feeling that this is The DAY. I knew that keeping active can help me cope with the big day to come. So went out to meet friends that evening. By late evening strong contractions had kicked in. Both my hubby n myself was fully aware of managing through the early labor from our classes. He was my strength. He did everything possible to help me thru the pain. Massaging, giving me lots f coconut water n all. When we called Birth village, they asked to time contractions. Then when contractions were 5 min apart, we called the center at 1.30 am. my midwives were waiting fr us when we reached. Seeing their welcoming smile made me feel light and happily ready to cross over to the next bridge. I was 6cms dilated when we reached the center. We opted for waterbirth. I went inside the pool in half an hour. Every time I felt low, Rainikka(my husband) and my amazing midwife picked me up with their words n care. She reminded me to breathe thru contractions n relax. To our surprise, it started to rain heavily. I could feel a holy ambiance there at that moment. Our baby was born and was placed on my chest still with the cord connected. To the placenta inside Tears of joy rolled on our cheeks.. it felt magical. The whole pain vanished to nowhere. We had an amazing golden hour after birth. Rainikka did cut the cord once it stopped pulsating. My desire to have a natural birth was finally satisfied. Felt like a new human being. More confident more empowered. I wish more moms could try VBAC n be informed that once a c-section is not always a csection. When we have wonderful people to help, it’s worth a try. . I will always cherish my time at Birth village and my amazing Midwives. No words to thank all the staff there as it was an amazing experience Love Shahana and Rehin

Bv notes It’s tough when u know what your heart wants and family and relatives keep blocking u but this mamma had her share of challenges of coming to a new city when people would be questioning it all. It’s purely her determination and strength of character that has taken her through this path which she had chosen Her husband absorbed information like a sponge and was ready to support his wife through one of her biggest dreams despite a lot of hurdles and challenges A VBAC is powerful and goes against every grain something that it is rare and that’s what makes it all the more special! Congrats and a strong salute from our side

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