Everything in life is destined and so goes the story of my power-packed VBAC. I had my first boy 21/2 years ago via C section and the reason given was that baby had passed meconium. Everything was processed so quickly before I could even bat an eyelid and I could hardly understand what it was all about. I was so confident that I could deliver vaginally that the aftermath hit me hard and it is then and there that I decided that my second will be a VBAC. I was blessed again and was pregnant with my second child and consulted again at the same place for a VBAC, and they agreed with a lot of conditions. I simultaneously went in for Siddha and Varma consultations. I also knew that a VBAC was not 100 % possible but I was determined to give it my best shot. I sensed something was amiss when I was at 36 weeks and was told that VBAC may not be possible as my baby was 3.1 kg as per the ultrasound. I started researching again all my options and came across Birthvillage. Spoke to a couple of families who had babies there and knew this was where I was meant to go. After speaking to the midwives at Birthvillage, it took me another two weeks to talk to my hubby about my new set of plans and he completely stood by me as he realized that this might be my last ray of hope. My midwives are my angels as they patiently answered all our queries with complete truth and honesty. We went to Lamaze classes together, got thoroughly educated, and listened to another couple give their natural birth experience story. It was so inspiring and so much fun! Again, to be honest, it was like our second babymoon and we enjoyed ourselves a lot, exploring Cochin and gorging on Kerala delicacies. After the open house, that day I went to the mall watched Bahubali, had dinner, and headed back home. Close to 1 am, on the 27th of September, my baby decided inside it was time, as I moved into Laborland. They say that a successful VBAC needs to have straightforward labor, quick dilation, and a very short pushing phase. My labor was anything but THAT! It took me a good 38 hours with steady contraction every ten minutes and followed at every 6 minutes for just early labor alone. After which I inched towards active labor on the 29th morning at 3.00 am I decided it was time to meet my midwives. For the next 16 hours and 50 minutes, I was in active labor with strong contractions. It took me a whole day of support, food, rest, active movements, diligent monitoring.. as I was supported by 4 pillars of strength – My husband, my midwives, and most importantly my baby inside. He was steady throughout, with strong movements and a good heart rate. I was comforted as well as encouraged in different positions to bring my baby down. I walked, squatted, and walked the steps, the whole wheel over and over. After another good 3 hours of pushing my brave warrior was finally born. It was such a magical moment when I held onto him on my chest, skin to skin, nursed him after which Arun cut the cord. It was such a beautiful journey where I realized my abilities as a woman and I felt so beautiful, confident, and accomplished. Was it easy? It wasn’t. But I cherish all the minutes that I and my son and my team went through in my 58 hours of labor, and it was totally worth every second! Was it not tough to leave my hometown at 38 weeks? It was, but sometimes to realize our own dreams we have to step out of our comfort zone. Would we not travel if we had specific ailments to specific hospitals? We would, as we want the best chance possible and that’s exactly what we did. Some pointers that I would like to give any future aspirants who would like to opt for a VBAC. Make sure you and your partners are prenatally educated well. Stay healthy with good nutrition and exercise every single day, research all your options even the unconventional ones (You have nothing to lose). Make sure that the place that you choose does truly offer VBAC (You should get to know a minimum of 3 VBAC mums who had their babies there in the past two years, as paper and words are one thing and reality another) And most importantly NEVER GIVE UP and once you have made your choice, trust your care providers completely. They will show you the way as well as be open when things do need more assistance and help. And yes forgot to mention my son was 3.5 kgs! Feeling Out of this world… Haritha and Arun

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