I believe that every woman who desires should be given the chance to labor andbirth naturally and I am indebted to Birth Village – the natural birthing centre ,that gave wings to my belief …

How I met Birth Village ?
My birth story started when i read a post of my friend’s (Razia Saveen) birth story who had birthed at birth village . We shared somethings in common …we both had unwanted c-sec at the same hospital ,the same care provider and we both were deeply crushed and crestfallen by the experience we had there..

What happened in birth no.1 ?
I had gone off when the pain started and expected to be waiting before they got me into the labour room for induction and other medical interventions….but everything happened fleeting fast ….they induced me without my approval ,broke my waters and then said I needed an operation….when i denied it they simply told me to find another place .,,,there was no freedom to move or get into a comfortable position during labour ….they just waited 2-3 hrs and then that was it….I had my first ever incision and suture on my body….all just because my doctor couldn’t wait….after being physically wounded and emotionally remorseful by all this,I asked the hospital whether we could have our 2nd baby vaginally and they gave a definite no as an answer.

Am I going to repeat the mistake again ?
No way ….I came across the word VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and I researched more on it…i was quite saddened by the fact that most gynecs viewed vbac as dubious and risky ……when i read about birth village,i felt strongly that this should be the place I should go to for my second baby ….as we were in UAE,i had my Skype appointment in my 2nd trimester and it gave me a positive confirmation on my decision to birth there….I reached Kerala on june 5th in my 34 th week and immediately went for my 1st consultation…..I had a long chat and felt ready for what was to come….then attended the lamaze classes and few workout sessions which were all very interesting and informative….though I didn’t have any strict diet and exercise regime ,I knew I had to keep myself healthy and active throughout my pregnancy and birth village was making sure that we followed it….

When labour started :
Following my routine check up and some scans on 28th june, I was exhausted and weary when i reached home in the evening….next day morning my contractions started at a low pace (for 20-30 secs at 45 mins intervals)and woke me up but I wasn’t sure if they were my true labour contractions or not…as i was expecting my husband on 6th july,i was hoping that it would go away but it didn’t….by evening the pain had gone down a bit but by night it again resumed and at the end of each contraction i felt like pressure ….felt it was time to call My midwife …..she was very supportive and gave me clear instructions ….so I just let it be and went for a hot shower and tried to get some sleep which was quite difficult with the contractions coming in….but even at this time my mind wasn’t sure if i was truly laboring or not as the contractions were bearable and not very painful….

Next day by around 6 am the pain was more profound and coming at shorter intervals (for around 60 secs at 10 to 15 min intervals)….by now i was sure that i was in true labour….informed My midwife again and she
Decided to wait till it went to 5 min intervals ….but I was heavily disheartened when she gave me the news of her leaving for a meeting in Bombay and that she would only return the next day….(And when she left her last few words were the walls at the birth center know my strength and the Bears the struggle of so many women and their power will be with you come what may)from then I was in touch with touch with my other midwife who was also of support….I took an appointment at 2 pm to check the dilation….but in the meantime at 10 am I had some vaginal discharge )and soon after that I lost the mucus plug and the contractions were coming at closer intervals…my sister who was to be my birth support as my husband couldn’t make it ,was traveling to ekm from thrissur to make it for my birth …….by 11.45 am I felt that when the contractions came ,leaning against the wall was the position working for me….I was also trying to lean against my birth ball and swirl around….I felt drowsy in between the contractions and I recognized my endorphins that were soothing me (learnt from the lamaze class)….so I badly wanted to go to sleep but the lying down position was excruciatingly painful …so while my mother and sister were packing up I was trying to get some catnap in between the contractions and I lost track of myself and the time soon …..I was not in a mood to get ready and go for the appointment….I just wanted to doze off ….finally with great difficulty i got dressed and we could reach birth village only at around 4.15 pm …all this time I was using a birth ball and a hot water bag during the contractions….the contractions were now at 5 minute intervals for 60 seconds and not unbearable and fortunately,with no back pain….even after reaching there ,My midwife was very patient and assessed me and the baby heart beat and then gently checked the dilation ….my happiness knew no bounds when she announced that I was 8cm dilated which meant I was progressing well and didn’t have to be sent back home….after this i felt the pain rising and very frequent and she guided me to lean forward on the birthball and I tried to swirl my pelvis …the pain was getting more intense and I realised that i was entering the pushing stage …..at this point though I was in a lot of pain ,O was excited and happy that the labour was progressing easily and that my dream was soon going to be accomplished….but I was also anxious of what’s to come ….With both my midwives along with my sister were supporting and encouraging me ….finally i squatted against the bed and started pushing ….the contractions gave me the natural urge to push but in between those urges i felt an uncomfortable pressure on my bladder …as i was in a laborious position,I wanted to end it soon and so just pushed hard at the urge and felt my baby coming out …..as i was squatting leaning on the bed i couldn’t see the baby but i blindly trusted my midwives who were sitting in front of me ready to receive my baby…..she was born at 5.30 pm ….they passed her to me directly and i felt elated at that moment….a sense of achievement and atonement….I was soon taken to the bed and she was put over my chest for the skin to skin contact which is so essential for the mother – baby bonding ….in spite of the intense post partum pain ,i felt triumphant over the ambiguity and skepticism that gets linked to something like a completely natural VBAC especially in these times….after some bonding time the cord was cut by my sister who flew down especially for me……almost a week of post partum convalescence and I felt great already as compared to my previous birth.

All thanks to the Almighty for gifting me an uncomplicated and easy natural birth that i so badly wanted …I thank the entire BV team who set the stage for my birth ….I thank my parents ,in laws ,my sister and my husband who all supported me through the frivolous yet apparent ambivalence that prevailed when I chose to birth at Birth Village and lastly let me thank my sweet bundle of joy ,Aysha Maryam and my first born Eshal Fathima for all the natural processes of birth they allowed me to enjoy ..😊
Bv notes
This vbac mamma is super brave as she had to deal with labor and its turbulence as on her own .
Laboring over 35 hours using all the knowledge that she had took it on herself to make her dream come true
Her sister was there by her side when she needed her.
Amazing work done !!You deserve a strong pat on the back for your perseverance.
Final notes for other vbac aspirant mums
A vbac is one who goes against every grain and its not an easy path and it’s important for those women to feel that they have been given a full chance and then that is when they feel at peace . It May Also be that everyone may not understand you or your path and honestly it doesn’t matter as long you know yourself and a have a team that trusts and believes in giving you a chance without thinking about the outcome .
Lots of power to all of you .

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