At around 5.30 pm On 31st Dec 2015, I was about to start from office, thinking that I and Nikhila will be spending the dawn of this new year separately since Nikhila was at my home town and me at my workplace which was 170 km away. It was then I received a call from her saying that she has lost her mucus plug. She sounded very calm and pleasant; thanks to the Lamaze Classes we attended at BV. We knew that we had enough time to get prepared and this was only a sign that the labor might start within another 24 to 48 hours. I packed the essentials and started my 4hrs journey at around 11.45 pm. I continued the drive while there were fireworks, decorative lights, and stars all along the way, welcoming the New Year and I never knew what awaited me the next day. I reached home @ 3.30 am and found Nikhila was sound asleep, while my parents were in a state of panic with my mom going and checking Nikhila frequently. I tried to calm them down but in vain. On New Year’s day, Nikhila woke up with mild cramps and contractions. We decided to wait until the contractions became regular. Between 11 am and 12 pm, the contractions became regular and we knew it was the right time to make a call to Birthvillage to our lead midwife, who instructed me to observe and note down the intervals between the contractions. We had a quick lunch and as the contractions became intense, I made a call again and informed that we will be starting from home within another 15 minutes. She spoke with Nikhila and understood that she can’t hold on much longer at home. We started the drive towards the BV which was 40 km away. Off we went on the highway with the hazard lights turned on. After 45 mins we were at BV and were welcomed by our midwives. It was the knowledge gained through the Lamaze Couple Classes at BV which helped me to be calm and relaxed throughout the drive. The room was all set and was lit up with scented candles. With the contractions becoming more and more intense, the labor progressed into an advanced stage. encouraged Nikhila was encouraged to try different positions –marching and relaxation in the birth pool, sitting on birth stool and holding the birthing rope, squatting, etc. while taking turns in massaging, offering water & honey to her. All three of them were very patient and provided excellent support and encouragement to us. At 9.02 pm our bundle of joy, our daughter arrived when Nikhila gave one final push by sitting on the birth stool and hanging on to the birthing rope for support. We were given enough time to bond with the baby before I was asked to cut the umbilical cord. We were lucky to spend the New Year night – our first night as a family – in BV itself within an hour after the delivery. and what a night it was! It felt as if the entire world was celebrating our daughter’s birth We thank the entire crew of BV for the informative classes and fun-filled workout sessions which gave us the much-needed courage and confidence to do this together. We are so happy that the 2016 success journey of BV started with our daughter. Once again we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all at BV and we wish them all success.

Post notes from Bv This couple are super well-knit as they know each other from their school days and this husband is well in sync with his woman’s needs that he would know what she wanted even before she asked for it. The quiet confidence which they displayed was truly remarkable Travelling for classes and appointments each time from Trivandrum as she struggled with strong hyperemesis till the very end. (she would often remark that days she threw up just three times were her happiest days) It is also her strong belief in her body and its power that truly made this pregnancy and birth special Wishing them blessed parenthood with their princess Lots of love BV

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