This tale is a strong one however it would be incomplete without her history and upbringing……
This young girl came in, demure and quiet, with a shy smile. We began prenatal appointments counseling her on nutrition, exercise, and birth choices. Howeve, she hardly spoke much,.. and often we could glimpse the hard life she had led, through her eyes, though she hardly mentioned any difficulties or animosity towards her family or to her so-called husband to whom she was married off at the age of 13.
At around 30 weeks when we had a birthday celebration at Thejus home as we placed a piece of cake in her mouth, she choked with tears and when asked later on she replied “No one has ever smiled and given me food out of love and I have no idea that cakes were cut and shared on birthdays”……
As weeks flew by she shows signs of warming up and she becomes stronger in her resolve to birth her baby in the best possible way.
She would now and then complain of headaches which we frequently checked to rule out hypertension or preeclampsia. But, sometime later she told us it was only when the tube lights were switched on, did she feel them, as all her years she lived sans electricity and she was accustomed to the darkness. Hence, when the lights are switched on they appeared strong to her…
As she went into labor one fine night, she chose to bear the early signs throughout the night as quietly as possible, by herself, without talking to anyone else (though we had mentioned that she could call us or wake up the warden at any time). In a time and age when women panic with the first contraction or when WhatsApp on our mobiles jam with messages in early labor, this does come as a different experience for us.
She birthed her girl as gently as possible without any tears and held her in her arms; (again this was a change for us, as quite often mums, who pregnant through abuse, often do not wish to see their babies.)
She said “I would like to hold her and feed her throughout the night. Please help me do so as this may the only thing I can do for her”
And that night when we bonded over the baby she finally broke down and opened up.
This young girl has been working since the age of 9 for no wages, with the initial promise she could work, go to school and then return back to work. Eventually, the promise of school went to thin air.
She was also raped around the same time by a man who had children older than herself.
Her family often shifted homes around. She would watch the early mornings around tea shops eagerly as people sipped tea with want as her own stomach cried out in hunger.
A few years down the line her parents decided to get her married off as they felt there would be more security for her. Though, initially, her husband of 45 years of age appeared ‘nice as he bought her milk and fruits,’ She realized that she was just another one of his countless desires.
Pregnant soon after, when she found her way to Thejus home is when she realized children should be in school and not working and that girls do not get married off or have babies so young. She blossomed with the other girls with laughter and would play just like a teen should.
As the sun crept up and we watched as to how she rocked her baby with tears streaming down her face quietly, she said “My baby must be safe and secure, she must live well, and I can’t offer her that right now. The only request I have is that when you take her please don’t ask me to say goodbye to her. Life may never be the same for me, but there is a part of me that can never be put back”
We quietly nodded as we took the baby and left and closed the door to muffled cries in the pillow, and as we held the baby tightly and handed her over to a beautiful warm shelter home for children where they welcomed her in with open hearts and service, our minds rested.
Thejus is a safe shelter home for pregnant teens. As we strive to provide for them excellent prenatal care and free birth and postnatal services, there are situations when these girls may not be in the best of health and may need additional medical care for which help is required in terms of finances. If you feel you could make a difference in the life of a girl when she needs it the most, please kindly get in touch with us 9895283189 or email us at Your help and time would be greatly valued.

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