We always wanted a second child and when our firstborn, Shanaya( a birth village baby) turned 2and1/2 we decided that it’s time for her sibling and after one BV experience it was only natural to me that I would want the same ecstatic childbirth experience. In Aug 2015, I conceived and we were very happy about it, but second pregnancies are different though you may appear a seasoned first-timer. It took many months for the pregnancy to sink in though I had severe nausea and other symptoms. But it was a smooth pregnancy which we enjoyed -we had baby showers and parties, photoshoot, etc.(the first pregnancy was kept low key). By Dec I came down for a month n a half from Dubai and joined the BV workout classes and it totally rocks. I had a great time. The dance, the yoga n the meditation. Plus the prenatal visits at the center. Going to the birth center always makes me happy. I continued the dance sessions at home with my daughter even when I went back to Dubai.I remained very active throughout pregnancy. Having a tendency towards gestational diabetes I was completely off sugar. Back to Cochin again in Feb I carried on without missing any workout classes.Everybody around me or at least most of them around me said that this baby would come early. The baby had settled deep down in my pelvis quite early on and around the 35th week, I felt extreme heaviness and exhaustion. My midwives told me that what I needed was rest and I was off the exercise class for two weeks. We wanted the baby to complete 37 weeks at least and that happened. I was back in the exercise class AGAIN at week 37 and then that went on to week 39. Navin came down from Dubai on 26th and left after few days deciding to come back when there were some symptoms. I was feeling upset that he may miss the birth. One of my midwives did a special meditation session with me telling me to let go of expectations and calculations, to leave it to destiny to decide who will be there for the birth, making me understand that I am capable of birthing the baby no matter who is there and who is not there. I felt relieved and I actually let go, and then Navin returned on the 7th as the due date as per the ultrasound was the 10th. We were going out to all the malls. I was doing the stairs, walking, bouncing on the birth ball, etc so that labor would kick in. 10th came and went no signs of labor. Shanaya had arrived bang on the due date and my whole family expected the same to happen this time around. so we started getting calls inquiring about my well being, whether the baby was ok, is a c sec reqd, whether the midwives would induce labor .. it was the concern for the baby and me. . at the same time, many people said its ok let the baby come when it’s ready. I wanted Navin to be there for the birth so at one point I thought should we go for some natural method like membrane stripping. but our midwives told us that I was just in my 40th week and it was unnecessary as the baby is fine. Finally, Navin said that we will wait and will not go for induction and that he would leave on the 21st irrespective of birth happening or not. We had chosen a completely natural birth for a reason and we didn’t want any kind of intervention. We were at peace now so we informed our midwives that we will wait it out. We decided to go out n enjoy the last few days as a threesome. On the 17th we decided to go to fort Kochi and take a walk and go to Kashi art cafe. At the same time, my family was also planning to move into our new house but we just could not as some last min hitch would crop up. Finally, we decided to move on 18th. My intuition said that I would go into labor too and that’s precisely what happened. At about 3:38 am the pain kicked in. but I waited just to be sure. then at about 5 am I informed Navin that pains had started and just like last time he said- try to sleep. and we did that. but the pain was getting very intense very fast. At about 7:30 we decided that we should call our midwives and tell them that we wanted to come. We decided to have breakfast. We needed energy. So I opted for a quick bread toast and hubby decided to have french toast. So while he was munching my brother became my birth partner. By 8:25 am we left home and were at Birthvillage by 8:40ish. I get two strong contractions and I decide to enter the pool. As soon as I enter the pool one of my midwives came in saying- ” I didn’t know u were here!” I felt a strong urge to push and I do. Another long push and the baby’s head emerges. I touch the head and am all motivated. A very very long grunt and push and out comes the baby at 8:52 am and there on my chest. For the next few minutes, Navin and I are soo excited and happy that we forget to see the gender, and then Navin checks and announces -it’s a boy. So though overdue by a week the little fellow decides to spare his parents a long labor and comes out in 20 min. Super fast even with a cord around his neck. Just cud not believe it!!! so all’s well that ends well-water birth, normal healthy baby, and Navin’s presence with a bouncy baby boy of 4.1 kg!!!
And from thinking about wanting a membrane sweep I went on to birth without an exam or requirement of sutures(Stitches) even after the birth!
God has been very kind and we took our new bundle of joy to our brand new home.
The SUPER man’s version
Although I have always considered Renu to be more competent to choose the method of delivery that should be adopted, after our first session prior to the birth of our first child it was a no-brainer for me to adopt natural childbirth.
It was the first time that we were informed that childbirth was a natural phenomenon and not a medical condition especially if the mother was healthy and it may not require a battery of tests and that medical professionals may come in for natural childbirth as trained midwives (which is an accepted norm in most European countries) which has stood the test for the births of both our children
And this is not the case of just our two children but also from many other families whom we interacted with whom I would refer to as our birth batch mates.
What I feel impressed with is that the mother does not take any medication, doesn’t feel any weaker during labor or after the birth. It is amazing especially when I compare it to a lot of my friends’ accounts of what happened after births – often repeated C sections and numerous days they are required to stay in.
Whereas in our case it was pretty short labor this time around and many may not believe that but straight after the birth my wife had a hot meal, round of selfies and the three of us had a good nap together as a new family as I had been up since 5 am and Renu since 3 am due to the onset of labor and I had to catch up on my missed sleep.
It takes a lot to stand up when the world pretty much goes the other way but there a sense in going with intuition and recognizing and supporting what is just and right and that’s exactly what we did and we are extremely proud of that.
Bv notes
This a mum who has a strong sense of commitment when it comes to her diet and exercise. Her innate intuition always came to the forefront amidst trying times, pressure from loved ones.
She would always involve her older daughter during prenatals enabling good sibling bonding even before the birth
She is rock solid and knows where to put her foot down
Her man is well balanced and is the perfect foil and was able to make tough decisions and stood quite clear that the baby has the right to be born when it should be and not changed or influenced for convenience.
Congrats! and may the celebrations ring on for all four of you.

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