No two birth stories are the same; mine aren’t either. But then, I should not complain—BirthVillage has been a part of both my birth journeys in two very distinct ways. My older daughter was born at a hospital 7 years ago, when BV’s birthing centre had not started functioning. However, BV came into my life via Priyanka’s Lamaze classes, a lovely, enlightening experience that taught me to “own” my birth experience, even if it meant birthing at a hospital and making the best out of it. As my doula, Priyanka did a fabulous job, supporting me through my labour’s most intense phases. However, hospital births have their “limitations”, and I remember being “pressured” to rush it up during the last stages of labour, never really fathoming why the doctors couldn’t just give me the time my daughter and I needed.

Seven years later, pregnant with my second child, I turned again to Priyanka and BirthVillage birthing centre, with the hope to fully understand and experience the birth of my baby—my way. And I wasn’t disappointed. Just the freedom of “being myself” was a priceless gift I received at BV.

It all started with nearing my ‘due date’ as declared by the hospital. Well meaning relatives and friends wanted to know what I was waiting for and why I wasn’t getting admitted at the hospital. Daily calls and messages became almost impossible to put up with. With BV’s support I decided to play the waiting game, going with the flow my ‘hide and seek’ baby had planned for us. When I finally went into labour two days after my due date, I walked into a warm, supportive, loving atmosphere at BV.

There are no birthing rules at BV. I was allowed to do what my body wanted me to do. Free of any deadlines and pressure, I eased into my contractions, getting closer to being united with my baby. In spite of the intensity of the labour, I remember thinking that this feels just right; that this is how birth should feel like—free and natural.

I am so glad I took the decision to birth at BV. The reassurance and peace I felt at having made my choice over hospital care is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you BV; you showed me how to own my birth in the real sense of the word. I was truly a fearless birth goddess!​

Bv notes

Often women are told that second babies arrive earlier and they set themselves for the greeting early on and when the little ones decide as otherwise it throws everyone into a tizzy.
Well meaning friends and relatives must give a woman and her baby time when all is well.
This mamma is a strong individual who listens to her intuition and it’s precisely what she followed that led her to the birth of her choice.
Her man felt she was more calm second time around though she says she wasn’t (we think she rocks !!with a capital R)
Birthing strong on the birth rope where she felt all her surges her way.
You both have done us so proud,
Congratulations again !!!

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