Our birth story began a few months back when we started looking (thanks to google from Poona)for a natural water birth center in India and we found one here in Kochi. After initial dialogue with the staff and the midwives, we were confident that this is where we want to be for welcoming the baby. We had to convince our parents and traveled to the tip of the Indian peninsula in the beautiful city of Kochi by the 35th week. Our parents were against travelling far and insist on visiting nearby doctors, who ideally will do lots of tests, prescribe lots of meds and will perform lots of medical interventions which are unnecessary.

At Birthvillage, we took several Lamaze classes on natural birthing, the pros, and cons of medical interventions, what must be the diet of the pregnant mother, what is partners role in the entire journey, and finally postpartum and breastfeeding. We felt confident as parents after doing these classes. The most important thing we learn was to have patience. Things will happen when they are meant to happen, that is natural. There is no need to aggravate or rush the process.

On the actual day, My water broke at 2 am and I went into the early stage of labor. It took me almost 10 hours to get into actual active labour. (remember patience is the key) during delivery, My midwives along with my husband helped me bring a beautiful bundle of joy in this world. My midwives were very experienced, caring, motivating, loving and guiding exactly on birthing positions. The use of positive language encouraged me to keep my stamina going. We had few laughing moments too! Remember it’s not only about pain, but it’s also an awesome experience and every woman should enjoy every bit of it. It will pain, hurt, and exhaust you but in the end, it will be all worth it when you see your baby in your arms. The moment she was born, she was actually smiling looking at me. That’s the power of natural birthing. And Rohan, my husband, got to clamp the baby’s cord.

I would recommend birth village to every pregnant lady as it supports natural birthing with the best love and care possible. I would like to thank My midwives for their crucial support in birthing my first child. The entire staff of Birthvillage was very loving and caring. We are glad to choose this place for the birth of our little Pixie.

If you are healthy and you do really care about your baby’s health and future, do educate yourselves about all options and do support natural birthing as it is truly worth a go.

– extremely happy parents
Shamikaa and Rohan.
Bv notes
This a mum that is made of steel
She would move in any direction that was suggested
Be it 3 flights of steps just before the baby crowned
Squat and walks
You name it she got it covered
And a partner who can weather any storm with a smile
To get in the pool with her while she used it for comfort
Someone who continuously rubbed her back
All the while calling out to
Little pixie! We are waiting for you
Such a beautiful birth
Congrats to the new family! While India was voting here’s to the little girl who will go on to make her stamp!

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