When you get to snuggle your baby just for 24 hours You are a special girl born to a special mother We want you to know little girl what a strong mamma you had She came to us at Tejus home when she was around 25 weeks pregnant She was a happy-go-lucky young girl, Soft-spoken yet smiled often She loved to paint all the time She ate well, worked hard and would walk for over an hour and climbed steps 10 rounds every day Even when she crossed her date she prayed hard for labor to begin And it did four days later … When she made her call to us to let us know that she was in labor When asked her” would you like to come”? She replied ” I can still manage and will wait it out as much as possible” Such courage at age of 15! Not once did she flinch or say she couldn’t throughout the 19 hours that she labored with you When it was time for you to be born she prayed hard to Bhadrakali and with a strong voice birthed you into this world.. Healthy, chubby strong, and pink just like your mamma She has held you, looked at you for ages, talked to you without uttering a single word. And finally, she said” She is a fighter and will have a great future ahead something that I cannot give “and held you one last time before handing you over to a home where you will be taken care of till you meet your wonderful parents to be. Rape, pregnancy, especially during one’s teenage years, is hard on oneself and one’s family. May we all as a community be able to support young girls in need and lend a shoulder to parents instead of pointing fingers… May we all be offer peace and solace even in the most difficult situations that our children may ever experience As experienced by midwives at Birthvillage in connection with birth for change Tejus home is a safe shelter home for pregnant teens which co-run by two NGOs’ birth for change foundation and Dil Se. the project offers free shelter and free medical to the girls who may be residents at the come. Most of the girls who do come home are pregnant through abuse and violence. Should anyone wish to contribute/donate to the project kindly do email birthvillages@gmail .com

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