Most often in households, girls are often admonished by saying “these things happen only to girls who are sloppy in class and they probably don’t have anything better to do.” Well, here is a young frail 16-year-old girl who is a class topper who was abused by her stepfather and did not have the courage to voice the assaults being inflicted on her. Pregnant, and 4 months later, she was sent to a hospital. On her first exam at a hospital, she was told that ‘ her passage was way too small to have a baby.’ She took it strongly to her heart and felt fear loom strongly in her mind. She struggled with anemia and so required iron infusions at a hospital. Interestingly, she was refused care at two other institutions as they did not wish to have anything involved with a girl who had a lodged an FIR against her assailant.
She improved in terms of health ever since she arrived at Tejus home by putting on a good 6 kilos. She worked through her fears and inhibitions and was bold and strong throughout her labor.
“Maybe I came too early. Maybe I should have waited some more.” And an hour later a lovely baby was born, strong and healthy, at 3.1 kg
“I have accomplished what I thought I could not!!! And I am proud!”
“Is it over??’
“Can I go back to school?”
She hugged and kissed us all. All she wanted was a masala dosa. And she slept finally with a smile.
Sleep to replenish your strength!
Sleep like never before with your heart and mind finally at rest!
Sleep well, my child, as you will wake up to begin life fresh and new just as you want!

As experienced by midwives at Birthvillage.
A big thanks to Cristelle who provided awesome support throughout.

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