Wife’s Version:
I strongly believe that birth is a natural process of life and every woman’s choice of birth should be respected during childbirth. Like all other VBAC birth story our story also starts from our first birth in a hospital where I have undergone for an unwanted C-Section and Guinea Pig like treatment as it was a well-known Private Medical college . We got admitted to the hospital during the 39th week on a Friday, when we went for our weekly checkup. They induced labour through all the methods available in medical system. At last they induced Pitocin through IV against our consent, which restricted my movements and contractions became unbearable. They forced us to opt for epidural which we denied initially but availed later due to severe pain because of the induced labour. I was 10cm dilated within 10hrs of labour. At 5pm on Monday they told us that the baby’s size is big and I can’t deliver the baby vaginally and the option remaining is to go for a C-Section. At 5.45pm they took out the baby through C-Section and baby’s weight was just 3.17Kg. We left the hospital unhappy with a wounded mind. That awful experiences created anxiety whenever I go to any Hospital. I struggled with strong PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ). I do know that this something that afflicts women in maternity care but we all choose to suffer in silence . And I for one would like to break as I would want more women to come out in the open so that we can talk about it.None of the things happened on the day of my delivery was mentioned in the discharge summary and it was a completly manipulated one. I have started reading articles related to childbirth after this incident, and my husband Abey was passionate about the idea of natural birthing than I. We googled about normal delivery after cesarean and we came across the term VBAC.
In January 2017 I realized a little soul is soon to be added to our family and I did not want to go through whatever had happened last time. I have had enough during my first pregnancy and an unwanted cesarean that left me so lost for some time. We searched for hospitals and doctors who support VBAC in Chennai. Some of them said no to VBAC and others said they can wait until 38 weeks for the baby to come out through normal delivery or will go for C-section.
It was on 26th Jan 2017, I had my second appointment with my doctor. I was totally frustrated after talking to the doctor about my questions on VBAC. After reaching home Abey opened the Facebook page of BirthVillage and dialed to Birth Village. Our call surprisingly connected to Priyanka. She patiently listened our story and the call lasted for more than one hour. Her words made us strong enough to follow our mind. We decided that we are going to deliver our baby at BirthVillage. We started our monthly consultation over skype. I have followed BV’s diet plan and exercises (walking, climbing staircase, swimming etc.). On 28th week we visited BirthVillage, the attitude of the midwives and the ambience gave me positive energy. We attended couple workouts and Lamaze classes during the visit. After returning to Chennai I have added extra workout to make my body fit. During 35th week we travelled to Cochin by car and it was one of the greatest car journeys in our life. We got to our cousin’s house for our stay at Cochin. I have started following BV diet more seriously, increased the time spent on exercises, started exercises with Birthing Ball, added Squats to my exercise list and attended workout sessions with other mammas. We have enjoyed the last 5 weeks of Pregnancy at Cochin, visited most of the places there during weekends and tasted food from various restaurants and it was such a wonderful experience that we recommend this is a best baby moon ever.
On 8th sept 2017 my mucus plug came out. Yes labour is going to start naturally! On 9th, we went for a movie and spent the rest of the day at Subash Park and Marine Drive during irregular contractions. Next 2 days contraction were irregular and 10/20/30mins apart. On 10th we spent the whole day at Fort Kochi Island. During each contraction, I hold his hand and smiled. On 12th evening the contractions became regular and the time between contractions were coming closer from 10min at 5pm to 3-4mins at 10PM. We were in frequent touch with our Midwife over phone. She told me to take rest in between each contractions so that I can preserve energy for the pushing stage. At 10 PM we told her that we are coming to BV. She told us to start after another 15mins. My husband was very calm during all these time and we started to BV only after 30mins. We reached BirthVillage by 11.05, our sweet Midwives were waiting for us to receive us with a smile. They checked my dilation, told me that I was 9.5cms dilated and it was a surprise for us. Then we tried different positions to push the baby out. My waters broke in the Birthing pool and the birthing pool helped me to relax and preserve energy for pushing. Then I felt a strong urge to push, I held onto abeys arms for support and our bundle of joy “Paulina” arrived at 2.13am on 13th Sept 2017(40 Weeks + 1 Day). She came to this world on My Birth Day and it was our Midwife Priyanka’s (Baby was born into her hands) birth Day as well. My contractions in short went from a. We were in the height of happiness as it was Abey’s wish to deliver our baby on my Birth Day. Baby was placed on my chest immediately after the birth and Abey cut the umbilical cord .Our son also was there with us to welcome his little sister to this world.Not once was he separated from us and he was quiet witness to my power and strength while I birthed his sister.
I could do this only because BirthVillage respected my choice of Birth. In my words they are the angles of birth. My midwife’s words had instilled a new hope and positivity in me that would become a support system in itself during my entire pregnancy and during labour. The workout sessions helped me to be physically strong and prepared my body for a natural birth. My midwives motivated, cared and supported me throughout the labour. Thanks to Bincy for the excellent postpartum care. Thanks to BirthVillage team for making our birth a memorable event and thanks to both of our parents, siblings and friends for their immense support and prayers.
P.S. It’s all happened when we followed our mind and dream. Every step we took in this journey went well with god’s grace. I am sure that, it couldn’t have happened without the enormous support from my husband. He made tasty salads when I felt bored in my cooking. As a mother of four year old school going child, it was difficult for me to manage all the household work along with workouts. During those days he took care our son Oliver more than I. When we shifted to Cochin, he accompanied me to “Marine Drive” every day in the morning for climbing steps and walking before he go to office. He encouraged me day by day with a simple but very strong words “we will do it”. Sweet heart, I am pretty sure without your love and support, I couldn’t have done this.

Husband’s Version:
After we saw 2 pink lines in our pregnancy test kit, Nimmy started developing lot of worries about going to a Hospital again due to our bad experiences which led to caesarian during our first delivery. I always wanted to call it as “our pregnancy” and not “her pregnancy”. When I called BirthVillage on a Holiday, I never thought that the call would be attended by Priyanka and it will make our mind Enlighted. Consecutive appointments at BV helped us to burst all the pregnancy related myths, to enjoy the pregnancy and to give birth as per our wish.
I saw a completely new Nimmy after the 1st Skype consultation at BV. She followed BV diet very seriously, started climbing 240 steps, and walked daily for 45 minutes. She gradually increased it to 500 steps, 1Hr walk, and 1Hr swimming after couple of months.
We were staying at Nimmy’s cousin’s house when we moved to Cochin. The biggest challenge we faced was that there were no staircase in that house. Solution we found to overcome this was to go to the Rainbow Bridge at Marine drive in the morning to climb the steps before I go to my office. Apart from workout at Me-Met-Me she started climbing single steps at rainbow bridge 22 times and double steps(Climbing alternative steps) 20 times to make total steps climbed to 790 per day. She continued her 1+Hr walking with additional 50 Squats. Also we have roamed around other places with lots of steps such as Vallarpadam Church Tower, Hill Palace and Malls. Her determination helped us in realizing our dream.
Lamaze classes and workout sessions by BV helped us to clear all our doubts and prepare our mind and body for the birth. Thanks to BirthVillage team for all the support throughout our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.
Bv notes
A lovely couple who was very determined from the start.
They worked hard in overcoming worries , obstacles and we were able to discuss many issues openly and honestly
.You guys are a testament to hard work , patience and love
Well done and congratulations again .

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