Why I loved laboring at home, I have always believed that childbirth is the most natural process in human life and had since several years made up my mind that if ever I were to have a baby I would birth him/her at home, naturally and never at a hospital. However, when Thulasi and I first found out that we were expecting a baby, we found ourselves at a hospital consulting a gynec and came home with all these supplements feeling uncomfortable and insecure and were constantly under the feeling that pregnancy is a “risky affair” and almost every other person we knew ended up having a c-section for some reason or the other. After a while, we decided that it was far safer for us to just have a home birth. However, our parents just could not handle the stress and my mother heard from somebody about Birthvillage and insisted that we go and check it out. From our first appointment at Birthvillage, Thulasi and I was totally convinced that we had finally found the right place. We were given so much information and all our questions were answered and we felt very comfortable. The Lamaze classes by Priyanka were eye-opening and freed us from so many misconceptions that we were bombarded with from all sides. It also helped a great deal in strengthening the bond between us as a couple and we really became equally involved in the whole process. I was encouraged to dance, sing, exercise, walk and stay well and happy. Donna’s high-energy workouts not only kept me fit but gave me lots of confidence about my body’s stamina and capability during pregnancy. The other great thing was that both Priyanka and Donna were very strict about diet and we meticulously followed their advice and therefore we could avoid all artificial supplements and had weight gain under control. When my water finally broke early in the morning on the 6th of November Thulasi and I stayed at home until the contractions became strong enough. Laboring at home was also a very beautiful experience because the two of us could stay calm and enjoy the process. Our midwives kept checking on us every hour. From the moment we reached BV until we left with our baby, they took such good care of us. It was far more than what we expected. They held my hand through each contraction and stayed by my side soothing and encouraging me. And when it was time to push, I must say I could not have done it without their support. They are such angels! Thulasi and I feel just absolutely lucky to have ended up in BV at the right time to have our baby. The whole process was natural and gentle without any unnecessary interventions whatsoever. We had the freedom to labor at our body’s own pace. The birthing room was so beautiful and warm and we could bond with our little one from the moment he came out. He was never separated from us. Breastfeeding was initiated immediately. And we could go home in a few hours. What more could we ask for. We love our birthing experience and wish midwifery gets much more support and respect in our country. NB-We love sharing positive birth stories that have empowered women and their families.

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