The Silent Support

Here is a sweet email that a newly christened uncle sent out after the arrival of his niece.
He was also the first one to hold her apart from the mum from the maternal side within minutes of her birth.If you love the thought of sibling supported births/or the very essence of this message share away!
Dear mamas and mamies and my brothers, I have become an uncle. I have enclosed pictures of renu’s lil angel . Chechi gave birth to her today morning at 7:27am. It was normal delivery and and she gave birth in birth village and not in the hospital. The baby weighs 4kgs(I have doubt whether renu was stealing my protein powder and having it lol) Renu , navin and I drove to birth village at around 2.15 am . She wanted to give birth in the birth pool. She entered the birth pool around 4 am finally she was shifting from the pool to birth chair as she kept trying in birth Pool but our lil angel would not want to come out from her moms womb!! hehe finally when she shifted from pool to birth stool our angel decided to pop out to this world where she was welcomed by her papa navin who was supporting renu through out the labour . Meanwhile I was giving my support too by sleeping on the couch downstairs lol..I call it the silent support. Now we all are back home. The photos were taken in chaitanya around 1215pm. Behind the scene: Navinn was getting so impatient where apparently he even asked the midwife whether he could push renu”s tummy and help her lol… And as we all can guess renu wud have lost her cool … Hehe.. P:S I thought chechi would be a drama queen but she was calm and very cool through out. Love, Uncle Rohit Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel

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