She came to Tejus home at around 31 weeks distraught that she would have to stay away from home refused food and water for 48 hours , with lot of counsel and warmth she broke her fast shared the food that her mother brought in with everyone else. In no time she started laughing , grew close with all the other girls ate well , exercised, learned about birth and was all smiles at every visit She walked into the birth centre with a sweet child like smile, as though the trauma that she had experienced and what was about to happen would not change her. Despite her age, her calmness and maturity about the birth ahead shone through, in a way that sometimes is not even seen in a woman excited to welcome their first baby, from a consenting conception. During the labour she marched and swayed around the birthing room, knowing that she was doing everything she could to help her baby out. Massage and the warmth of the hot water bag helped with labour pain which she dealt with with overwhelming strength, as the midwives looked at each other with a look of love and pride for this brave young soul. She breathed and blew throughout each contraction with power and strength, until it was time for the baby to be born. Only just before her small body pushed out her baby did she cry out for her Amma, and her vulnerability as a 15 year old became even more apparent. She held her baby and examined his face and hands closely before saying her goodbyes and leaving the birth centre the next day. Knowing that they may never see him again but hoping for the best life for him. Praying for love , courage and strength for their bright future ahead As experienced by the midwives at birthvillage in connection with birth for change

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