When Ligi began her journey with Birthvillage, she and her husband Paul were living in China. Although, in the beginning, when their Skype appointments were happening – it was Paul who was bang on every single time. This mum came down to India during her third trimester, and made multiple trips from her native Punalur to Cochin for her appointments. It was evident by this time she was fully committed to this journey. At Birth Art class, Ligi was clear about how she knew beyond any doubt that with her husband’s, and mother’s support, she would be able to make a wonderful life for her baby and this new family unit that would be created when baby arrived. Ligi travelled to Birthvillage several times, making a 4 hour journey each time, to be at her prenatal visits and workouts. At week 36, Paul arrived to Kerala, and their wait for the baby began. As the weeks got closer to the due date, baby was still not engaged, although mum and baby were doing absolutely fine. Waiting for the baby when all is well was not an issue, but as Paul’s date of returning to China drew closer, due to his business commitments. And so, each day onset of labour was highly anticipated and wished for! Our team offered Ligi advice on how to move and exercise to encourage baby to engage, and also offered our own special blend of massage oil which works on toning the uterus prior to labor. As Ligi continued with her workout classes, she mentioned – ‘When is this going to start? I feel no contractions at all.’ Little did she know that baby had a surprise for her that very night.And by midnight, she was in labour! When Paul and Ligi arrived at the centre, she was a good 8cm dilated. She did get to rest a bit. But wanted to have massages, and had a great support person in her husband. Soon, when the urge to bear down started to happen, Ligi chose to use the birth rope, going with the strong surges that moved through her body. With all here reserves of stamina and persistence, Ligi birthed a chunky, bonny baby boy who weighed in at 4kg! Dad happily cut the cord after a bit. And all were glad that he was able to be there to witness the birth and cut the cord. Later that evening, dad gets to cut the second cord of the day… At the inauguration of his new store at Udayamperoor! What an amazing day for this couple who marked two very special new beginnings on the same day! Meanwhile, at the centre, it was wonderful to witness a strong and supportive grandma stepping to make sure her daughter initiates nursing well, and starts a positive and powerful journey of mothering, and raising her child. We loved watching how the cord of a strong supportive family flowed through from Grandma to daughter to grandson – seamless, strong and deep. Well done to each of you, family! Congratulations!!

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