Here’s birth story of a ever cheerful woman who laughed and joked all through her labor supported by her classmate (incidently they claim that they never spoke to each other much in school but got to know each really well through birth , interestingly enough it was the same birth story of her friend that was published around two years back that brought her birthvillage .

Read on….(mums version )
Birthvillage, hats off to you ladies who not only help women to feel powerful, able and beautiful but gives us the chance to choose how we want to bring our little miracles into this world and be much more than we ever thought off. No cesarean!! From the get go I wanted natural birth. For me the above meant – no c-section. Who knew there was so much more to it. Birthvillage insists upon having your hubby be there to assist you through labour. “You both made the baby. So u both get it out!” For the first appointment I wasn’t really sure why the husband was needed but as we both participated and sat through the Lamaze classes we understood more about each other’s views on not only childbirth but also how the other persons presence and strength is of at most importance. My husband learnt how and what pregnancy is and how he can be a part of it even before the baby is born! These classes educate u not only on childbirth but about every aspect involved with it. Birthvillage gave me the right to choose and what and how I wanted my labour to be. I was in charge!
We both dreamt of be being at the birth together but my husband works in the oil rig at Iran and it can be quite tough to get off work nevertheless we hoped for the best
As my due date approached, I never thought of labour pain. We were asked to embrace pain, love it and overcome it with sheer mind power. Our grandmothers could, why not us! We are much stronger than we look.
I started having contractions on and off and they were there pretty much every 15 min for a good two days and I thought to myself “could this be it”?
I spoke to my midwives and they advised to inform my husband and I did he boarded the earlier chopper to get the airport and the wait began
I had mentally prepared myself that I may not have my better half with me and the next best option would be to choose a support person who would be a woman whose experienced the birth I wanted and that’s when birthvillage suggested sharmila (it was her birth story that drew me to center in the first place )
I never really understood how valuable the support person would be but when I called for her and she was there and I am so blessed that she did
Not only me but everyone involved in my labour, will surely remember it as the most fun filled labour. 8 cm dialysed and contractions coming in stronger by the minute, we were there cracking jokes, laughing and eating to our hearts content! We need our stamina to get that miracle out. Who knew stuffing your mouth with banana just because you r super hunger even though u r in so much pain you r strangling the other person, could break your water! The support and strength I got to get through those painful contractions was my “support”,
We walked stood, squatted and I finally birthed my Eva kneeling on the floor.
Such a moment of joy to having done it my way with a group of women that I trusted professionally and personally
Eva’s now godmother, my friend Sharmila. Schoolmates who were just hi-hello buddies, bonded through the miracle of birth. I would not have had such a wonderful experience of having Eva if not for her guidance and support not only to me but to my whole family! I cannot thank everyone at Birthvillage enough for all the love, support, personal care… I can just go on! I get to treasure every moment and aspect of my pregnancy making me a stronger woman and mother. Thank you!!
My husband arrived one hour after the birth and we quickly made up for lost time as we talked and bonded over the birth.And yes he had to fly back within 24 hours but he was there for me in all those precious seconds and he eased me as much as he could into our new role as parents
It was an amazing experience and every woman should have freedom to make choices and birth the way she chooses as it is her birth right !
Melba , Deepak and little Eva
Bv notes
We are saluting this mums courage to make decisions on her own , knowing fully well that her partner may or may not make it for the birth but was always optimistic and was always willing to accept whatever it may be
We loved watching the support that a sister -friend can bring to the birth and what amazing team work that was
We know dad you tried your best and will continue to be an amazing support and a loving dad
Congratulations and well done again!!!

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