Will I? To yes I will. This fun couple visited us first prior to getting pregnant for their preconception visit Myths and many questions down the line And again began prenatal care when the time was right… One of the main questions posed over and over again during her pregnancy was… How do I handle the pain? We discussed the impact of having a support team that understands one that will work around the woman, give her gentle guidance when she needs it the most ( this turned out to be one of the most crucial things that was most required during this birth) Another interesting info that came across was that this mum was allergic to vicryl ( the surgical material that is used for suturing tears ) As Labor Day dawned it coincided with her prenatal at 39 weeks “I can sense contractions but they are so mild, could this really be it”? We replied probably her body is warming up.. encouraging her to have a good day with dinner of her choice and we looked forward to meeting her later Her husband nodded in affirmation” that’s a really good way of looking at it” Close to 9 at night the contractions started picking up in intensity She arrives at center with intense labor mostly felt in the back She uses the pool for comfort for around 2 hours And steps out again Walks around a bit, sways, leans against her husband for support He helps her to breathe, rubs her shoulders and very quietly remains her anchor throughout She instinctively went on all fours and finally birthed her son standing all on her own accord Tears and laughter unbridled Interestingly she hardly sustained any tears at all for this chubby 3.5 kg with lovely rolls on her arms Well done !! Bv notes A strong mention is to be made for this mama as she has been an ardent student in all the prenatal exercise Classes at Birthvillage She was honest about her fears and worked through all of them She was keen to get what she wanted and went straight for it stopping at none It also requires a strong partner such as this young man to be present throughout prenatal and was most willing to support whatever his woman required Congratulations again!!

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