My name is Aathira. We were going to have our second baby but I wasn’t sure how I was going to birth him, medically or naturally coz I had a C-section with my first baby and had an unpleasant experience. But this time I wanted to know how women birth naturally, how could my mother birth two of us – my sister Athulya and myself – as all others, and why not me? Am I medically unfit? No, I am not going through it again. So finally I decided to visit Birthvillage (against all odds for a planned VBAC) the only place and people, who apart from Shine (my husband), believed I could birth naturally without any medical interventions. That’s how our wonderful journey began with BV. Classes, appointments, exercises, diet classes, etc. what not! I even did a ramp walk (LOL). What to say I had an amazing experience which I wouldn’t have otherwise had dreamt of. In fact, my midwife team helped me understand birthing was fun, it’s part of your life and not a disease. During my first pregnancy, I was told not to climb stairs, not to walk for long in fact was asked to take as much rest as possible but I did just the opposite for my second baby. I did continue my office, climbed stairs as my office is situated on the 3rd floor, walked for hours, did exercises, and had a diet plan to which I adhered to a certain extent. All of these helped me complete my full term( 37 weeks) and gave birth to my baby Dev on the said DD without any medical intervention purely natural. I had a wonderful “Water birth” to name it. All the positive words by my loving midwives and the physical support by Shine made my Birth story a blissful one. I thank you all for making me feel like a Mother. Dev Paul Alex Thalachira was born on 14.01.14 weighing 3.9kg. Thank you, God! Love you all!

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